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We are an authorized importer to provide professionals with commercial Life Resonance Energy Balance products from Switzerland. We serve merchants and entrepreneurs who want the most advanced and energetic products on the market.

Private customers can order products from here.

Unique Natural Energy

Life Resonance brings new vitality every day! Products made from the purest natural raw materials maintain energy resources, ensure optimum balance of vital functions and soothe overactivity.

Swiss Life Resonance has been known worldwide for over 20 years. Their beauty and the entity of maintaining inner energy has been created by combining high-tech and natural raw materials.

It combines the activation and calming of energy flows, light treatments, color therapy and incredibly great products for care. Suitable solutions are available for increasing daily energy, beauty care, and improving pet welfare.

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Authorized importer

Entertainment Studio Finland brings Swiss Life Resonance Energy Balance products to Finland. We deliver cosmetics directly to stores and we also act as intermediaries for entrepreneurs who want to be in direct contact with Life Resonance.

With us you give your customers more than care. Life Resonance products are so functional that they market themselves right after the first use!

Life Resonance Energy balance

Life Resonance is based on the discovery that harmonious energies, optimal bodily function, mental wellbeing, radiant vitality and simply feeling good is not the result of an accidental occurance. No – quite the contrary! They are the result of orderly running energy flows that ensure sustained health and wellbeing.

And this is precisely where Life Resonance comes in: by making orderly life-enhancing impulses available. With intensive regenerative power, they grant the body new vitality by balancing energies that are out of line and putting them back in tune. 

All our energy balancing products are enriched with regulating, vitalizing, harmonizing resonance patterns (oscillating impulses) taken from natural resources like plants, precious stones and minerals but also from light and color spectra.

With the development of its energy balancing products, Life Resonance provides a set of vital daily aids, which pursue a single goal: that of harmonizing various aspects of your life; resulting in improved wellbeing and vitality.

Life Resonance Energy Balancing Products

Life Resonance cosmetics

Life Resonance is based on the explosive knowledge that it is not sufficient for good cosmetic products to be composed of top quality natural ingredients, it is also vital that they contain energy-enhancing active principles. Life Resonance fully meets both criteria – visibly and perceptibly – offering Beauty + Energy  in one !

A wide variety of natural extracts and plant oils derived from biologically  cultivated and controlled production in the Life Resonance cosmetics is proof of the inexhaustible wealth of richness that nature has in store for us. Life Resonance treats these living forces with extreme care. Their valuable properties are further supported by energy-enhancing resonance patterns.

Additionally fortifying the high-quality products with vitalizing components is a revolutionary approach. Life Resonance’s goal is to achieve aligning, regenerating and revitalizing effects that influence body, mind and soul through the skin. The skin itself builds up new energy reserves and activates optimal caring properties.

Life Resonance is more than cosmetics – Life Resonance also provides daily energy care and health prophylaxis.

Life Resonance cosmetics

Life Resonance for pets and animals

At the heart of all Life Resonance activities is daily energy care without which sustained health and vitality are unthinkable today. This applies to humans as well as to animals.

Life Resonance is based on the realization that harmonious energies, wellbeing and vitality are not the result of chance events. All-around wellbeing is proof of a balanced flow of energy.

And this is the revolutionary approach of Life Resonance: All products are enriched with reorganizing resonance patterns obtained from natural resources, such as plants, gems, minerals, as well as light and color spectra.

Enhanced by such energizing factors, Life Resonance Energy Balancing Products offer the necessary regenerative impulses, which harmonize drained energy flows and return them to balanced dynamics.

Animal + Energy